I never imagined my video would turn out so unbelievably amazing! Aside from that fact that these are the nicest people ever, they are complete professionals. They knew exactly what they were doing for every shot beforehand, the whole thing was a lot of fun and everyone had a ball doing it. I can’t recommend this enough for anyone’s wedding. You’ll love it ❤

David and Sarah Sharpe


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Who We Are:

Marryokes or wedding/party music videos are our speciality. We know how to capture the humour of your guests, the details you spent so long on and that ‘special something’ that makes your day so unique!

Featured in The Daily Mail, on Channel 4 (on ‘Fern’), not to mention The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, Belfast Telegraph, UTV and The Wedding Journal – we know that our unique way of capturing your wedding will become one of the most cherished parts of your entire day.

Where We Are:

Splitting time between Europe and the USA, husband and wife team Billy and Katie have traveled world-wide sharing the Marryokes love. From weddings across the USA in Las Vegas, Detroit, Charlotte, Chicago and New York; to Italy, Mexico, France, Spain and even further abroad – there isn’t wedding that we won’t be super excited to travel to… even if it’s just down the road.

Why not use our contact form or better yet email us at: hello@marryokes.com so we can talk about how we can capture and be a part of your incredible wedding.